New Year Resolutions


Go ahead, embrace the new companion with the pace of the world:-)

Finally here I am…finally to a certain point and I am feeling pretty good sharing this…here we go…
Hmmm…2014 is all set to bid a bye-bye to us…in the end it has been encoded in the memory card of people’s brain in many a ways-may it be as a good enough: fun stuffed just one year; may it be as an amphoteric one of several months; or may it be as a too lengthy  span of a whole 365 days…nevertheless all are same…yet different. Whatever it may be, now we have reached at another station where we’ll now get along with a new companion…2015…..and and and as tradition comes in handy…it’s also the time for New Year Resolutions….as we say-the all in one agendas to be followed to have a fruitful journey ahead along with 2015 :-).
But what I feel is, the occasion of new year is just a tangled chance for us for giving a direction to our wandering-crazy-lazy mind. So there is nothing so special & so ignorant thing about these. For me, it is nothing but the everyday values I follow in my life since I encounterd with something named conscience within me….and hence the occasion of new year…also may be the ocassion your birthday too…all just give it a refreshing blow in the form of the resolutions. So dont just give a shit to it even if you dont believe these….just refresh your mind, stay stuck into your positive intuitions and start eliminating all the filth of your mind. Apart from this, it is also a must that, never get stagnant…get along with the pace of the world…add good ingredients to your cup so that every good taste is contained in your cup of tea…now there is nothing like “It’s not my cup of tea”;your perfect flavoured attitude will prove it. So do make useful tamperings to your thoughts & have a happy go ahead:-)…………wishing all a Happy New Year in advance……

-Creeper mind~

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